A Charity By Kids, For Kids
A Charity By Kids, For Kids

About Us

Welcome to KIDS4KENYA, a registered 501 C 3 charity driven by kids, for kids! KIDS4KENYA is raising funds to build out 7 supporting up to 3,500 Children in Kenya, Africa. Our funds are channeled directly to the schools through grants to African Promise, an independant UK registered carity with field operations directly on the ground in southwestern Kenya. 

The Team

Kids4Kenya - Kids Committee

  • Astri Doub (Kids Commitee President) 15
  • Michael Ancel 16
  • Kendall Yim 14
  • Poe Doub 13
  • Charlie Goodhue 13
  • Richard Goodhue 15
  • Gracie Boyce 17


Kids4Kenya - Adult Committee

  • Peter Teuten (Adult Committee President)
  • Melanie Carrera
  • Susan Stern
  • Matthew Kozak
  • Robb and Siri Lise Doub
  • Mette Stenmark
  • Georgie Teuten (past president - Kids Committee)


Kenya Team


UK Team (African Promise - Sister Charity to Kids4Kenya)

  • Charles Coldman (Founder African Promise)
  • Nicola Coldman (Treasurer)
  • Kate Hegarty
  • James Partege


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