A Charity By Kids, For Kids
A Charity By Kids, For Kids

Ambassador Program Guidelines

The Kids4Kenya Ambassador program is an initiative that has been created to increase awareness and raise funds for primary schools in the Kasigau region of Kenya.  We will accomplish these goals through the involvement and active participation of individual students in the program, fully supported by the Kids4Kenya adult and student committees.   


To qualify as a Kids4Kenya Ambassador, there are several options available to each participant, including:


  • Raise Money through fundraising efforts that you will plan and may hold together with other Kids4Kenya team members. Such events may include:

  • Change4Change

  • Restaurant fundraiser

  • Bakesale and Holiday Fundraiser


  • Participate in some of the following activities which may be counted toward your $100+

  • Hold an information session at your school

  • Create a club

  • Take a leadership role in one of our regular events (Car washes and holiday card sale.)

  • Run a bigger event--will be taken into account if you want to apply for higher-level positions

  • Spread awareness for events both at your school and in the community

  • Put up posters at school before events

  • Assist with the Kids4Kenya newsletter, social media and online presence (If there is an area in which you are particularly interested, you can bring these interests into your work with K4K!)


As a part of your participation, you will also be required to attend Kids4Kenya meetings (infrequent, a few times per year) bringing any ideas you may ​have on how to further expand and develop Kids4Kenya. At meetings, you will receive a presentation detailing the year’s progress in Kenya which you can use at school events.


You will be recognized for all your accomplishments on behalf of Kids4Kenya with media recognition, service hours credit, and the knowledge that your efforts are directly benefiting many talented, but less fortunate children in their quest for a better education!    


Lastly, your final goal will be to recruit more Kids4Kenya Ambassadors!



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