A Charity By Kids, For Kids
A Charity By Kids, For Kids

Welcome to Kids 4 Kenya

Kids4Kenya is a 501C3 registered charity based in Baltimore, MD. Kids4Kenya provides funding and support for the development of Primary School education facilities and infrastructure in the Kasigau region of Southwestern Kenya, and ALL OUR FUNDS go directly into the schools. Please contact us for more information!

This is What We Do

'Walk to School' (full length) from African Promise on Vimeo.

Progress in 2016 and 2017

Highlights & Achievements


132 locals employed directly as builders and labourers

8 teaching positions being funded by the year-end

2 educational trips funded for 88 pupils

478,575 meals provided as part of our lunch programme

2,400+ children benefited from out projects and programmes

1 additional full-time employee in Kenya


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