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A Charity By Kids, For Kids

Kisimenyi Primary School

Kisimenyi Primary School has 650 pupils, and it is the largest school African Promise and Kids 4 Kenya support. Work at the school started in 2010 when the school was found in a dilapidated state as pictured below:

After three years of construction, a new school opened including a library, classrooms, a staff block, bathrooms, and a nursery.

In 2014, the lunch program started for nursery school students, and three additional teachers were employed.


In 2015, the lunch program provided all the students with lunch, and a year later the charities employed another teacher. Also, in the summer of 2016, an annual field trip to Mombasa was provided to the students.


Now the charities continue to expand the nursery and finish the construction of four additional classrooms that started in 2015. Also, staff housing and a kitchen will soon be built.

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