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A Charity By Kids, For Kids

A Story

Who is Patrick?

This is Patrick’s Story...
Patrick is 11 years old; the second oldest in a family of four very close brothers. Home for Patrick and his siblings is a simple hut with a tin roof and mud walls and floors. Patrick shares a small bed with the other two eldest. For someone so young, Patrick’s life is full of responsibility. Even before he joins his friends to walk through the village to school, Patrick will have taken his family’s goats out to fresh grassland, helped his mother prepare breakfast and helped organize his younger brother who attends nursery school.

For Patrick and his school friends, the school day offers the opportunity to escape from the harsh reality of their everyday lives, the opportunity to be children again, the opportunity to have dreams. Some dream of being soccer stars; of lifting the World Cup. Others dream of NBA stardom; of being worshipped by millions across the globe; of being the next Shaquille O’Neal.

But Patrick is bright and ambitious. His dream is to be a doctor. It’s a more realistic dream than that of his classmates. It’s a dream, in fact, that he should be able to make a reality. But he won’t. He can’t. For the simple reason that he goes to a primary school in rural Kenya.



The children of Kenya want to learn and desperately need our help!

KIDS4KENYA is making Patrick’s dream become a reality. Donations go directly to these schools, thanks to AFRICAN PROMISE UK, whose founder moved from England to Kenya when he decided to start this fund.

Being a part of KIDS4KENYA is so much more than giving money and building the schools and infrastructure. It is about kids helping kids, and what we can all learn from each other.

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